Jonathan Hall

Brief descriptions of my direct contributions to a selection of projects


RealmEngine -

RealmEngine began as a personal project for creating browser-based games after reaching the limitations of performance in 2D games using the Canvas.
It has grown to become a cross-platform modular game engine, with a core tightly linked with rendering full 3D using WebGl. Various low-level optimisations have been implemented to ensure the rendering process can run smoothly alongside integrated modules for additional functionality such as Physics, Entity AI, Basic object modelling, and Terrain and Map editors.
Deeper descriptions of the engine and features can be found at

A Memory Tree -

I have been developing for A Memory Tree since shortly before it became available to the public. My opinion has been sought, and I have developed, reviewed, or overseen almost all facets of the current site functionality alongside the other Developers we have had working with us.
As well as over 250,000 remembrance pages available to the public, members have exclusive access to recieve email alerts, leave messages of support or memories, and bring pages out of archive so more details are publicly available.
The site runs off a custom PHP framework, created in-house from the ground up. Management of the 20,000+ member accounts and tens of thousands of active alerts is possible via the administration panel, where monetary transactions can also be tracked, and bulk alerts can be issued.

Property Check -

Initially planned as an overhaul of the site layout, this project grew to include the addition of a front-end client booking system, and a multi-user back-end booking management system.
The front-end booking system included

The back-end booking management has a customised calendar-type interface for

Multiple back-end users can access the system, and filter content specific to the region or office they are based from.
Working from concept images for the site layout and interfaces, and design briefs for the functionality of the booking manager and system, I was tasked with completing all the programming requirements, as well as post-completion debugging.

Oystercatcher's Choice -

A complete site project including custom CMS and asset management, I developed the Oystercatcher site from conception based on client designs.
The site was intended to be left for the client to manage once it was complete, and therefore is simplistic with only a few basic pages, a Content Management System, and asset management for changing/updating the images on the site. All the client-configurable content can be reverted to previous content, and has systems in place to prevent layout distortion (and other crippling side-effects) regardless of content chosen.

Deborah Still Interior Design

Digitising paper forms into editable web-accessible documents and templates, which could be managed, completed, edited, shared, and reviewed over a local network.

Stillwater Gardens -

I was completing regular site maintenance and updates over a long period, including the almost-quarterly village news, and annual Bring Me Home For Christmas promotion.
After re-developing their Job Application form and associated back-end application management, to closely match their paper version equivalent, my involvement with the site waned to occasional maintenance.

Nelson Funerals

The Nelson Funerals project consisted of 3 closely associated sites, and a landing page for the crematorium. Concept art and graphical assets were provided, and a design document supplied the text and formatting.
The three sites were not technically complex, and this was a good exercise in converting static images into fully responsive interactive sites.

Waimea Richmond Funeral Services -

Golden Bay Motueka Funeral Services -

Marsden House -

Hope Crematorium

Roman Machines -

The Roman Machines project was about achieving a minimalistic descriptive interface for the Roman Machines museum exhibition, through which visitors could enter a draw to win free family passes.
I was contracted individually to complete the project, developing the site from concept graphics and descriptions of interaction.
Minimal maintenance was required to update dates and entry eligibility as the exhibition moved around New Zealand, and was considered complete at the closing of the final NZ exhibition.

Beezest -

The Beezest site underwent a visual overhaul, I was the sole programmer implementing concept images and content into the existing website - changing the theme and content, while retaining the site structure and functionality.

Titan Slicer -

I maintained the Titan Slicer website for some time, this included


Other smaller scale projects I have been associated with

Nelson Art Gallery

Nelson Petroleum Distributors

Olive Estate Lifestyle Village

Buller Gorge Swingbridge

Lake Rotoroa Lodge



Tasman Sky Adventures

Top of the South Aviation