Jonathan Hall

Hi there,
welcome to my personal workspace and collection of hobby projects

I'm Jonathan Hall, a freelance Web Systems Developer with an eye for technical detail, and a passion for developing back-end and 'behind the scenes' technology.
In 2010, I completed a BSc. Computer Science from University of Canterbury and have continued to apply and extend that experience into web-based solutions for administrative, database, and gaming projects.

I enjoy understanding and developing with core languages and technologies like JavaScript, WebGL, and PHP, before moving on to higher-level libraries and frameworks such as JQuery, three.js, WordPress, or CakePHP. The deeper understanding of what is really happening below the surface makes debugging, optimising, and extending those codebases faster and more fluid while allowing for greater flexibility.
The freelance nature of much of my work has led to a wide range of projects scopes, from individual artist galleries and single-page landing sites, to mid-sized product showcase sites with a customised CMS, up to full-stack sites including database management, user control, monetary transactions, automated email systems, and responsive dynamic front-end UI.

In my spare time I often develop my own personal projects for experimentation and to better understand unfamiliar concepts. I find satisfaction in sharing my knowledge with others, both by teaching them new programming concepts and brainstorming solutions to theoretical challenges.
To relax and unwind in my downtime, I get into some gaming - a few rounds of Battlefield, some missions in Grand Theft Auto, or a bit of survival in Project Zomboid.
I relish the strategy and reward Tower Defence games provide and appreciate the apparent simplicity of a well balanced system.

Check out some of the variety of recent projects in my Portfolio, or have a poke around my skills and experience in my Resume.

- Jon