Jonathan Hall

Jonathan (Realmkeeper) Hall

Christchurch, New Zealand

(+64)27 3630643

Skills and Accomplishments

Programming and Software Development

I am highly competent at developing fully functional responsive web solutions using a range of languages and libraries including:

I have experience working with existing projects in ASP and .NET variants.

Outside a web environment, I am fluent and confident developing in Python, Java, OpenGL, and have experience with C, C++, VisualBasic, and Lua.

Social and Leadership Qualities

As my long-term Freelance work shows, I am very self-motivated and strive to complete tasks to a high quality. I thrive on learning new and alternative methods of development, and like to satisfy my curiosity for a greater understanding of how and why things work.
Other people find me easy to get along with, both in a professional capacity and informally. My sense of humour and joking nature is well received, and is a morale boost for those around me, while a more serious tone can be effective in the appropriate situation.

I enjoy the satisfaction of completion of the greater task when fulfilling my role within a team situation, and excel at contributing to the best of my abilities to a standard that I am proud of.
Appreciating the involvement of other people, and the skills and knowledge they can provide, is equally essential to successful group cohesion as recognising and sharing your own capabilities where applicable.

Organisation and responding to feedback is vital in a leadership role, to encourage and appreciate that every individual has unique strengths and weaknesses which can be used to appropriately balance the group. Providing the desired structures and support to colleagues allows confidence and respect in interactions with any tier of the workplace hierarchy.


Freelance Web Systems Developer

Programmer, Consultant, Project Manager

2011 - present day

A few specific projects I have been contracted to develop can be found in my portfolio.
These range from front-end functionality and visual layout changes and updates, to custom frameworks built from scratch containing DPS transactions, membership systems, custom content and management, and extensive SQL databases.

A Memory Tree Ltd

Systems Developer, IT Consultant

2010 - present day

Starting out as a Systems Developer for A Memory Tree in the website's early days, I rose to Lead Developer, overseeing most of the development and 'technical' roles as the site flourished and established itself as New Zealand's largest online database of recorded deaths.
Once expansion of the site slowed, and visitor numbers settled around 70,000 unique visitors a month, my role became less of a Developer and more of a Consultant for proposed changes and insight into the back-end workings of the system.

Downing Design Ltd

Contract Developer

2011 - 2014

Utilised as a Contract Developer, I was engaged in a variety of projects ranging from assisting other developers, code-related maintenance and minor upgrades, to developing entire functional websites from a design brief.
Some of these roles and projects are included in my portfolio.

Deborah Still Interior Design

Contract Programmer


Conversion of hard-copy forms and paperwork into web-based interactive interfaces for ease of access and digital translation of data.
This role was primarily about digitising the functionality and management of paperwork for a small business looking to expand.

Riccarton Pak n Save - Butchery Dept

Apprentice Butcher, Butcher's Assistant, Knifehand, Meat Packer

2009 - present day

With the experience to complete almost every non-management role within the Butchery department, I became somewhat of a 'jack of all trades' - assisting the butchers, overseeing and helping organise the meat packers, planning and rearranging shelf layout for the cabinet workers.
Working alongside others, and supervising the less experienced, I taught as much as I learned within a hierarchical team environment.
I represented Riccarton Pak n Save in the 2015 Upper South Island CompeteNZ Butcher Apprentice of the Year competition.

J M Kupe Enterprises

Contract Butcher, Boning Supervisor

2010 - 2012

Breaking down chicken carcasses into individual cuts, and later supervising a team of 3 others doing the same, for various supermarkets around Christchurch. Having previous butchery experience, this was an upskill in a specific area of meat processing as well as management of co-workers.

Foundry Security, UCSA Canterbury University

Bar Security

2008 - 2010

Supervising evening and night patrons of The Foundry Bar, and ejecting drunk and disorderly patrons. Patrolling the UCSA grounds to ensure designated entrances and exits are used. General security for organised events hosted on UCSA grounds.


University of Canterbury

BSc. Computer Science 2010

Other subjects taken alongside core Computer Science papers include Chemistry, Physics, Discreet Mathematics, Business & Commerce, Philosophy, and Science & Entrepreneurship.

Open Polytechnic

Programming in Visual Basic (paper) 2006

A formal introduction to programming applications in Microsoft Visual Studio

Waimea College

NCEA level 3 2006